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Debbie Hinks Pastel Portrait 25/01/24

Last Thursday , members of our art club were graced with the opportunity to witness a live pastel portrait demonstration by the talented Debbie Hinks. With her unique blend of skill and instructional prowess, Debbie captivated her audience as she transformed a blank canvas into a stunning piece of art, step by step. The session was not just a demonstration of her ability but an educational experience that enriched all present.

Source photo Debbie was working from.

Debbie began with the bare essentials: a blank piece of toned paper and a selection of pastels. The first photo captures the initial stage, where she sketched out the rough proportions and features of the model's face. Here, she emphasized the importance of getting the angles and the scale right, guiding attendees to observe the subject closely, beyond mere appearance.

Progressing to the second stage, as seen in the next photo, Debbie started to block in the main areas of shadow. She shared her insights on light and how it affects the perception of form, adding depth and dimension to the portrait. The audience watched as the model's features began to emerge from the paper, a testament to the power of well-placed shadows.

In the third snapshot, the outline of the portrait had taken a more defined shape, with Debbie's expert fingers blending the pastels to create soft gradients and transitions. She spoke of the delicate balance between warm and cool tones, and how this contrast brings a portrait to life.

As the demonstration neared its climax, Debbie's strokes became more confident, more colorful. The fourth photo shows her adding vibrant highlights and rich, warm colors to the skin, creating a lifelike texture that seemed to leap off the canvas. She explained her choice of colors, encouraging members to experiment with unexpected hues to add vibrancy to their work.

The final photograph displays the completed portrait, a harmonious blend of strong structure and delicate detail. Debbie's adept handling of pastels, from bold sweeps to subtle touches, resulted in a portrait that was both dynamic and intimate.

Throughout the evening, Debbie shared valuable techniques, such as layering colours, achieving texture, and the interplay of light and dark. Members left the demonstration not just with a visual treat but with enhanced knowledge and skills to apply to their pastel portraits.

This event was a highlight for our club, and we extend our heartfelt thanks to Debbie Hinks for an informative and inspiring evening. We eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to learn from such a skilled artist and generous teacher.

Some more photos from the evening.

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