Sandra Wretham (sandsquiggle)

My nickname is sandsquiggle on social media as it’s fun and I firmly believe art should be fun. I've been a member of the art group since 2019.

I love to paint a variety of subjects: portraits, figures, still life, and landscapes. Whilst my work is mostly figurative I like to include abstracted elements too and sometimes I paint fully abstract pieces. I prefer not to be pigeon-holed.

Using a variety of media: acrylic, oil, gouache, pastels, ink, pencils and charcoal, I'm currently exploring ways to combine drawing and painting. The paintings on display on this page are some examples of my acrylic works.

Rescue a painting by sandsquiggle
2 Gents an acrylic painting by sandsquiggle
hydrangea still life acrylic painting by sandsquiggle
winter layers an abstract piece by sandsquiggle
Smell of lavender an acrylic painting by snadsquiggle