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Demo: Curtis Tappenden

Curtis Tappenden is recognized as a multi-talented artist who engages in various creative endeavours, including illustrating for prominent publications and working as part of a design team for a notable newspaper in London. He has a diverse portfolio that ranges from watercolour painting to writing for the national art press. Curtis has been involved in publishing numerous books and also dedicates time to lecturing in Further Education and Creative Writing at the University for the Creative Arts in Kent and Surrey. Additionally, he is known for his dynamic presentations at art clubs and is a performance poet and painter, whose live drawing sessions include Britain's circuses, with works such as illustrating brochures for Zippos Circus.

The Carshalton and Wallington Art Group, where Curtis Tappenden gave his demonstration, hosts various activities that include practical evenings, demonstrations by guest artists like Tappenden, as well as critiques and social events. They meet every Thursday and offer 'en plein air' sessions during the summer, alongside competitions throughout the year complemented by major exhibitions. The group exhibits a vast array of styles, mediums, and subjects, representing a vibrant community of local artists. It's a setting that would have been enhanced by Tappenden's demonstration of painting Brighton Pier in watercolour and his engaging delivery of poetry, humour, and personality.

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